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Wind Energy

The intricate operations of offshore facilities demand meticulous planning to curtail costs and potential risks. These operations encompass a diverse array of machinery, involve multiple stakeholders, and are significantly influenced by varying environmental conditions, from sea states to localised winds and currents. One major issue is that operators, who carry out the missions, aren't always looped into the planning process, leading to potential oversights. New challenges arise with the introduction and maintenance of Floating Offshore Wind turbines (FOW). Given that installation and upkeep costs substantially impact the viability of FOW, any tool that can diminish costs while reducing risks is invaluable.

To address these complexities, an interactive physics simulation-based project review tool has been developed. This tool converges the insights of engineers, operators, and even investors, providing a comprehensive view. When paired with accurate environmental data, this tool can validate and optimise entire missions under real-world conditions before actual execution. With the latest advancements, the aim is to enhance this tool further, capitalising on the high-resolution data sourced from Iliad's contributions, ensuring operations are as efficient and safe as possible.

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