Digital Twins of the Ocean

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The Iliad consortium will develop virtual representations of the sea that will integrate earth observing, modelling and digital infrastructures to provide predictions of future developments "at sea".

+ International Partners

56 International Partners make up the Iliad project, working towards creating digital twins.

+ Research Projects

Iliad capitalises on the explosion of new data provided by many different Earth observation sources.

+ Data Products

Iliad aspires to provide interoperable, data-intensive, and cost-effective Digital Twins of the Ocean.

Digital Twin Marketplace


The Iliad marketplace provides access to digital twins of the ocean from our partners and other innovative suppliers.

Digital Twin Marketplace


Developing cutting-edge digital twins of the ocean.

Digital Twin Marketplace

Twin Labs

Twin labs is a way to explore the potential uses of digital twins of the ocean.

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Designing Digital Twins of the Ocean

Designing an architecture to deliver digital twins of the ocean requires a multi-disciplinary approach that integrates data science, engineering, and computer science.

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