Add Your Product To The Marketplace For Digital Twins of the Ocean

The Iliad Digital Twins of the Ocean Marketplace offers a familiar, intuitive app-store-like experience for users to browse, discover, and potentially acquire digital twins, models, and related components.

Iliad Digital Twins Marketplace

The Iliad Digital Twins of the Ocean Marketplace is an innovative platform offering a wide range of products, applications and components covering multiple sectors (renewable energy, fisheries, citizen science, etc.) and catering to diverse needs.

Key features of the marketplace include:

  • Flexible Product Types: Accommodates various products and components (datasets, training materials, documentation, videos) supporting adaptability and innovation.

  • Twin Lab: Providing a dedicated space for ‘work-in-progress’ digital twins, models and components to gain visibility, collaborative feedback, and community support.

  • Open Access: Encourages contributions from a broad user base, fostering a dynamic and evolving marketplace.

  • Unlock Seamless Collaboration: Iliad empowers seamless interoperability, enabling diverse systems to work together harmoniously, fostering collaboration and innovation across the European Digital Twins of the Ocean ecosystem. By collaborating with partners via the marketplace, it is possible to access these interoperable components.

  • Efficiency Through Reusability: With Iliad's reusable components, efficiency is maximised as organisations can leverage existing resources, reducing redundancy and accelerating development cycles within the digital twin landscape.

  • Elevate Your Ecosystem: Iliad is at the forefront of the Digital Twins of the Ocean ecosystem, where its interoperable nature and component reusability elevate not just individual projects but the entire collaborative network, driving sustainable growth and impactful outcomes.

Who is the marketplace for?

Scientists, Researchers and Academics

Scientists, Researchers and Academics

  • Discovery: Simplifies the search for relevant digital twins, models, and data, saving time and research effort.

  • Collaboration: Facilitates networking with creators of digital twins / models and access to supporting materials to enhance their own work.

  • Innovation: The Twin Lab fosters experimentation and knowledge exchange, accelerating the development of new solutions.

  • Data Sharing: Promotes open data practices and reproducibility in ocean science.


Developers & App Creators

  • Audience Reach: Provides access to a targeted user base interested in applying ocean-focused models and digital twins.

  • Monetisation Potential: Offers potential avenues to generate revenue or recognition for their work.

  • Feedback Loop: The Twin Lab allows for valuable feedback and refinement of products and features before full launch.

  • Collaboration: Opportunity to connect with other developers and experts in the field to expand possibilities.



  • Problem Solving: Source ready-made digital twins and tools to address specific challenges and optimise operations.

  • Decision-making Support: Access data and simulations to improve planning and risk assessment.

  • Efficiency Gains: Find tools and models to streamline processes and reduce costs.

  • Customised Solutions: Potential to collaborate with developers on tailored applications through feedback and co-creation.

Citizen Science

Citizen Scientists

  • Engagement:Discover ways to contribute data and participate in ocean science projects.

  • Learn & Explore: Access tools and models to visualise and understand ocean data in meaningful ways.

  • Make an Impact: Contribute to research and conservation efforts, fostering a greater sense of ownership and stewardship.

  • Global Reach: Facilitates cross-border collaboration to address ocean challenges on a larger scale.

Watch the walk-through to see how to add your products to the Iliad Marketplace:

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You can easily add your product to the Iliad Digital Twins of the Ocean Marketplace by following the simple four-step process outlined below:

1. Approval and Account Setup

Create an Account: If you haven't yet done so, you should create an account on the Iliad website:

Create an account here

Request Access: Navigate to your account page by clicking the My Account button at the top right off the screen. On your account page, request access to list products on the Iliad marketplace. Approval from an Iliad administrator is required.

Wait for Approval: Allow some time for your request to be reviewed. Once approved, you will gain access to create and manage products from your account dashboard.

If you have been waiting more than 48 working hours for approval, please email directly.

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