Digital Blue Growth Hub

Unlocking ocean industry potential

Iliad Digital Blue Growth Hub

The Iliad Project's Digital Blue Growth Hub is a platform that aims to unlock the ocean industry's potential. The hub wishes to bring together various groups to drive progress in areas such as sustainability, education, and capacity development.

The Digital Blue Growth Hub is designed to encourage collaboration and provide a platform for open and multidisciplinary engagement to improve industry standards. It performs various functions, including internal project dialogue, coordinating user surveys and stakeholder engagement, and gathering insights into user needs and expectations. By doing so, the hub helps advance project policy objectives such as promoting business start-up innovation and development activities.

The Digital Blue Growth Hub wishes to link with other digital twins of the ocean and key global and regional institutions to promote innovation and drive progress in the industry. It also facilitates science-policy links, supporting the advancement of policy objectives that promote sustainability, and other key goals.

By fostering collaboration, advancing knowledge, and promoting sustainable development, the hub will help unlock the full potential of the ocean and drive progress in areas such as marine conservation and aquaculture.

The Digital Blue Growth Hub wishes to create external collaborations such as EDITO workshops, DITTO meetings, Task Forces, and Global Forums. We are committed to building partnerships with other players in the field of marine research, blue economy, digital twin of the oceans, and others from both academia and industry.

Through these collaborations, we hope to further promote sustainable development and unlock the full potential of the ocean industry. We believe that by bringing together different groups and expertise, we can drive progress and tackle complex challenges in the industry.

Join us in building partnerships and advancing knowledge to unlock the potential of the ocean industry through our Digital Blue Growth Hub.

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