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Harbour Safety

Varna Port and the connecting channels between Varna Bay and Varna Lake face dual challenges. First, adverse weather conditions such as fog, rain, snowfall, and strong winds result in closure of these critical transport channels, causing significant transportation delays and subsequent financial losses. Second, less frequent but potent threats such as storms, squalls, ship and boat accidents, and even jellyfish invasions jeopardise port operations and ship safety.

To alleviate these concerns, TUV will leverage Iliad's technology and the existing infrastructure to bolster Harbour Safety. This initiative aims to minimise the disruptions caused by unfavourable weather, integrating risk assessment instruments tailored for different marine vessels and local weather conditions. The Varna Bay DTO, intertwined with the Harbour Safety Pilot, will employ advanced AI models and real-time data collection, offering a comprehensive navigation solution for the region.

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