Pilot Schemes
Environmental, Water Quality and Pollution Monitoring

EU Member States, under the Marine Strategy Framework Directive, are obligated to monitor and maintain optimal environmental statuses in marine regions. This encompasses tracking various water quality metrics, including micro-litter like microplastics. Recent research underscores paint as a significant source of this marine microplastic pollution, prompting offshore equipment operators to monitor their environmental footprint. Similarly, in tourist-heavy locales, ensuring and promoting superior beach water quality becomes paramount.

To this end, a comprehensive solution has been devised. By integrating modelled metocean data, multi-sensor platforms, and potentially particle transport modelling, it becomes feasible to analyse pollution patterns near offshore structures and land-based discharge points. The pilot leverages both underwater and surface vehicles, coupled with seabed stations, ensuring in-situ mapping and real-time data modelling through the pilot's DTO.

Other Pilots

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