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Jellyfish Swarm Forecast

Across European Seas, just as in other parts of the world, jellyfish swarms are a significant concern. These swarms not only deter ocean enthusiasts like swimmers, surfers, and bathers from enjoying the waters, but also pose a real threat to those who venture into the sea during these events. The repercussions aren't limited to personal safety; they have substantial economic implications too. Coastal tourism and operations suffer billion-euro damages due to these swarms, while seawater intake systems of ships, power, and desalination plants often clog up, leading to operational losses, intensive maintenance, and repairs that cost millions.

Addressing this challenge, Iliad has initiated the creation of a jellyfish forecast and an online map. This early warning system, grounded in Citizen-Science, will be a beacon for municipalities, national bodies, the general public, and various industries, empowering them to anticipate and respond proactively to imminent swarm arrivals. The intent isn't to eliminate these creatures, but to provide timely alerts about their presence, ensuring the ocean remains a safe and accessible space for all.

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