Ramani B.V

Ramani B.V


RAMANI, Swahili for ‘map’, offers a set of online services to add, edit, update, and publish maps from various public and private data sources. Location-aware content may vary from vector-based maps such as locations (points), lines (segments) or areas (polygons) sourced from IoT-sensors, crowdsourced observations through citizens sciences apps, or time-series sourced from satellite Earth Observation (EO) monitoring missions such as the Copernicus Sentinels. RAMANI B.V. is a subsidiary of Ujuizi HOLDING B.V., with the issued share capital currently being held by the Shareholders as follows:

a. HTT (University of Twente) participates in the issued capital for 150 shares, numbered 1 to 150 inclusive.

b. Ujuizi Holding B.V. participates in the issued capital for 850 shares, numbered 151 to 1,000 inclusive.

The group has 6 full-time employees worldwide with establishments in three continents (Europe, Africa, Asia).

RAMANI’s mission in the advancement of public use of geo-spatial data, particularly by producing toolboxes (in the form of so-called Application Programmable Interfaces – APIs) providing easy-to-use image processing backends tailored for deployment on the DIASs. With these enabling technologies, even ICT companies with normal skill-levels are equipped to also integrate and apply them to accelerate the uptake of advanced technologies (crowdsourcing, edge-AI, etc.) by society. Since its establishment in 2016, RAMANI has received investments from public and private partners representing a total value of +1 million EUR, including framework contracts (e.g. SAP, ESA, Ministry of Foreign Affairs NL, European Commission, etc.). Using the cloud platform RAMANI Analytics (https://analytics.ramani.ujuizi.com/), all sorts of GeoData can easily be processed, retrieved, combined, and analysed using advanced big data analytics. These added value outputs can also be published to mobile and web using the RAMANI Cloud services (https://ramani.ujuizi.com/cloud/).RAMANI has +5 years of experience as key-technology provider of some of Europe’s largest innovation competition events, such as the Copernicus Masters and various app developer camps, fully funded under contract with ESA. Recently, RAMANI also provides its Web-based Big-EO data Analytics platform, a Cloud-GIS platform, and corresponding Maps-APIs to the European Commission’s Copernicus Hackathons as a preferred downstream service provider for various DIASs. Through an HOR2020 project, Copernicus App Lab, RAMANI has developed a semantically enriched technology stack for sharing Map-data using a so-called “Input-Output Service Providers” (IOSPs). This open-source distributed data access protocol (DAP) allows private and public data from e.g. the Copernicus Sentinels and Copernicus Core services to be processed, analysed, and streamed over the Internet similarly as video is streamed to multiple end-users. With the accompanying Maps-APIs, mobile applications can now quickly and easily tap into this trove of data to help decision-makers or to interface the geo-data with in-situ point-data crowdsourced from experts or the general public.

Role In Project

RAMANI will help with a smartphone-based online platform that will allow off-grid agro-processing technology to disseminate quicker and at a larger scale.

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