WP7 Demonstration and impact assessment of Iliad pilots

Work Packages
WP7 Demonstration and impact assessment of Iliad pilots


  1. Engage end-users in testing and validation of DTO products and services.

  2. Demonstrate how these products and services deliver synergies, increase benefits, and reduce risks for businesses and communities involved in the ESB Digital Blue Economy.

  3. Assess the effectiveness of the DTO towards sustainable Ocean ecosystem management.


Based upon the results in WP1 (user tests and engagement) and the DT descriptions, the partners will refine the indicators in terms of Visibility, Accessibility and Performance KPIs for each pilot to assess the impact of the Iliad DTO on industries, governmental authorities, end users and other stakeholders. A demonstration protocol - including questionnaires specifically orientated towards Iliad's targeted end-users will be developed to aid Iliad DTO impact assessment and will include the indicators for the DTs in renewable energy, aquaculture industry, port authorities and coast guards, fisheries, for decision-making, research, interest groups including NGOs, knowledge-based activities, open data products and services and engagement of young people and scientists for the promotion of ocean literacy.

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