WP5 DTO Modeling and Analytics services

Work Packages
WP5 DTO Modeling and Analytics services


  1. Establish a service processing layer to support the application packaging and seamless orchestration of existing computing resources, including a combination of cloud and HPC, along with the necessary software artifacts to enable the implementation of AI/Analytics services and facilitate access to the processing outputs.

  2. Leverage of the processing layer to implement an extensible set of adaptive and easily-configurable services and tailored tools for the production of high added-value information for decision-making, combining numerical modelling, analytics and ML techniques, in order to instantiate tailored analysis, forecasting and simulation services as required by pilots.

  3. Co design with stakeholders and assist them in assembling, configuring and deploying the AI and analytics services they require in the scope of the Pilot Context Twin (PCT).

  4. Obtain stakeholders’ feedback, validate results obtained through these methods and refine underlying services with each development cycle.


This task concerns the establishment of a service layer capable of receiving processing requests, submitting them to existing computing facilities along with the necessary parameters and making the results available to users in an efficient manner. Activities will include the analysis of the data processing requirements and the assessment of the expectations for each service deployment. The use of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) to enable data and resource sharing (and bursting) ensures optimised costs and allows for massively scalable ICT infrastructure. Service agreements will be established with the data-processing infrastructure where the applications are deployed (Copernicus Data and Information Access Services (DIAS) resource providers or transparently burst on private or other commercial Cloud infrastructures) according to the needs identified in collaboration with the services. Support research grants like the Open Clouds for Research Environments (OCRE) from the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) and the Network of Resources (NoR) initiative from the European Space Agency (ESA) will be evaluated during the project.

These initiatives aim to stimulate the usage uptake of commercial digital services by the European research community. They will provide the European research community access to commercial digital services (IaaS, SaaS and PaaS cloud services), as well as Earth Observation (EO) services. The result of this task is an architectural layer capable to enable users to select inputs from the interoperable digital twin layer (WP4), specify parameters, eventually combine them with additional data existing in other federated data spaces (e.g., observational data) and submit them to computing facilities (e.g. cloud platforms and/or HPC) for processing. When the processing is complete, results will be delivered to the data space selected by the user along with processing reports. Furthermore, the AI/Analytics processing services layer shall be duly integrated with an Authentication and Authorisation Infrastructure (AAI) supporting commonly used federated identity providers as defined in task T4.1.

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