Wave/Offshore Renewables - Centro de Energia Offshore Associacao

Wave/Offshore Renewables - Centro de Energia Offshore Associacao


WavEC-Offshore Renewables (previously known as Wave Energy Centre - WavEC) is a private non-profit research organization created in 2003 devoted to the development and promotion of offshore renewable energy utilization through the technical and strategic support to companies and public bodies. WavEC is formally an association currently formed by 12 associates (industrial and public), both Portuguese and foreign, willing to develop offshore renewable energy and recognizing the need for further cooperation both at National and International level. WavEC’s team is composed of 25 specialists (8 PhDs), of which 30% are female collaborators. The team represent several areas of expertise, all focused on the Maritime world and Offshore Renewable energy: hardware & monitoring, design & engineering, HPC & data-science, environment & policies, economy & industry and communication. WavEC has vast experience in ocean energy and experience in floating offshore wind energy technology, in particular at R&D level, but also on the conceptual, design, construction, deployment and operational phases. WavEC, and in particular the collaborators here involved, have also vast experience in high-fidelity numerical tools (research, open-source and commercial tools) which require large computational resources. To cite only a few examples, WavEC has been involved in WINDFLOAT-ATLANTIC, three 8MW floating-offshore wind turbines operating in the Portuguese coast and currently delivering energy to the electricity grid. WavEC is also an R&D partner of www.theoceancleanup.com, to retrieve plastics debris in the oceans and rivers. Finally, WavEC is leading and participating in many outreach programs, analysing the involved stakeholders, and engaging them. WavEC therefore positions itself at the core of the ocean research and industry, and with its holistic approach, WavEC’s team has the adequate knowledge and expertise to participate in the elaboration of an ocean digital twin.

Role In Project

WavEC will lead the WP1 entitled “Co-designing, creating and demonstrating the Digital Twins of the Oceans”.

WavEC will participate in WP5 on modelling activities and surrogate model assimilation.

WavEC will participate in WP7 in order to improve the connection between developments in WP1 and the internal users and external stakeholder WP7 engagement. Also, we will help in dissemination and communication activities throughout the project, like in WP8-WP10.

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