Meteorological and Environmental Earth Observation SRL

Meteorological and Environmental Earth Observation SRL


Meteorological and Environmental Earth Observation - MEEO S.r.l. ( is a privately-held company devoted to the implementation and development of products and services based on the remote sensing of the Earth-Atmosphere system. MEEO is a consolidated partner of the European Space Agency (ESA) and since 2011 an affiliated partner of the Climate-KIC association. The main expertise offered deals with implementation and operation of Earth Observation and geospatial data infrastructure tools, Climate data services, Image information mining tools, satellite and ground data integration, Change detection application, multi-source/multi-temporal analysis, WebGIS Applications development and implementation for private and public local administrations; standardization of processes and data storage / transmission tools (OGC, INSPIRE). MEEO has been involved in several projects and initiatives where the technology for geospatial data accessing has been implemented and further evolved. In EarthServer and EarthServer2 the implementation of the Web Coverage Service (WCS) standard has been extended to Earth Observation data. In EOSC-hub, the technology has been integrated as part of the EO Pillar data exploitation services. The are several active collaborations with private and public data centres to implement web-based solution for the management of geospatial data and processes for both EO and non EO data. MEEO is also involved in several thematic projects where its expertise in climate and atmospheric data processing has been encompassed by the implementation of customized version of ADAM platform. In the EVER-EST project MEEO has supported scientific communities in geoscience (Land Monitoring, Natural Hazards, Supersites and Sea Monitoring) to design and implement the Virtual Research Environment for Earth Science to support the collaborative research activities. In the DATABIO project MEEO is supporting agricultural sector to identify climate indicators for extreme weather events risk estimation. In the EOCHA project MEEO has led a pilot case to exploit climate data for health-climate related risk estimation. In RAINBO project MEEO is supporting local municipalities in managing the hydrological risk due to extreme precipitation events. In COPERNICUS - WEKEO DIAS - ITT2 tender MEEO is involved to develop and to implement the data catalogue and data access services. In COASTAL-CRETE CMEMS pilot, MEEO supported the implementation of marine forecast data service for the region of CRETE.

MEEO can provide support and contribution as Key enabling EO and geospatial Technologies provider based on DATACUBE concept, data exploitation platforms instances, data services/systems integrator and data services operator as well as thematic data Services developer / integrator / provider.

Role In Project

MEEO has over ten years of experience in developing and providing web platforms to facilitate the access and the exploitation of many kinds of geospatial data with a focus on remote sensing and climate data. MEEO’s expertise ranges from the technical aspects of dealing with ICT issues related to data handling including virtual environments and hardware configurations to the high level aspects of dealing with OGC standards, data services implementation, research activities support, innovation in big data challenges., MEEO also has solid experience in atmospheric and climate data processing.

Specific Activities

• Data access platform implementation

• Data access services implementation

• Marine, Atmospheric and climate data service design and development

• Virtual environments design and development

• Earth Observation application development

• Earth Observation education and training

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