Darzhavno Predpriyatie Pristanishtna Infrastruktura

Darzhavno Predpriyatie Pristanishtna Infrastruktura


BPIC Bulgarian Ports Infrastructure Company is a statutory organization i.e.с it is a legal person within the meaning of Art. 62, para. 3 of the Commercial Law, with Headquarter in Sofia and Branches – Territorial Directorates in Burgas, Varna, Lom and Ruse. Bulgarian Ports InfrastructureCompany manages the port infrastructure of the public transport ports of national importance. The object of activities of BPICo includes:

• Construction, reconstruction, rehabilitation and maintenance of the public transport ports of national importance.

• Maintenance of the existing and the building of new approach canals, port aquatories, sea and river depots for the disposal of dredging mass, breakwaters, protection facilities and other servicing public transport ports of national importance.

• Management of the property in public transport ports of national importance.

• Elaboration, maintenance and storage of the register containing data on the port infrastructure of public transport ports of national importance.

• Assistance to the Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications in exercising control over the implementation of the concession contracts and the contracts with the single-shareholder commercial companies for performance of the port services and activities.

• Responsibility for the preparation, implementation and maintenance of security plans for port areas which include a public transport port of national importance.

• Provision of access to public transport ports.

• Construction and maintenance of facilities servicing the system for monitoring of ship movements and information and the Bulgarian river information system.

• Securing the navigation safety in the territorial sea, the internal sea waters, the canals and the port aquatory. Bulgarian Ports Infrastructure Company is responsible for provision of information on traffic management and information services for shipping, distribution of marine information on safety and maintenance. BPICo provides:

• Services through the Global Maritime Distress & Safety System (GMDSS).

• Telecommunication ship-shore / shore-ship services.

• Services pertinent to traffic control and information support of shipping and the provision of river information services to ship traffic.

• Hydrometeorologycal information.

Role In Project

BPIC will be one of the major Iliad pilot demonstration sites in the Black Sea.

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