Thales is a world leader for mission critical information systems, with activities in three core businesses: aerospace (with all major aircraft manufacturers as customers), defense, and security (including ground transportation solutions). It employs 68000 people worldwide (50 countries). It provides its customers with all the key functions in the critical information loop, from detection and processing to transmission and distribution. Thales develops its strategic capabilities in component, software and system engineering and architectures through its R&T organization. Designing and developing the mission/safety-critical information systems that underpin the company's leadership in aerospace, defense and security markets calls for comprehensive expertise in increasingly sophisticated technologies and the ability to integrate these technologies with large-scale software driven systems. Thales France is involved in the project through its French corporate research center, the Thales Research & Technology center from Palaiseau (France).

Thales Research & Technology (TRT), a network of corporate research laboratories of the Thales group, coordinates the research activities at the global level. TRT’s primary mission is to forge links between the company and leading scientific bodies in each area of expertise in order to monitor the latest advances, develop disruptive technologies and expertise in new areas, attract talented science graduates and provide a platform for innovation and knowledge sharing to support company-wide projects.

In THALES Research and Technology France, the “Analysis & Reasoning in Complex System” laboratory (LRASC) investigates, develops or customizes methods and algorithms for information fusion, decision making processing, rich internet application and also big data architectures and the “Decision & Optimization” laboratory (LDO) investigates algorithms for complex problem solving using approaches like genetic algorithms, planning, non-linear optimization, multi-criteria and group decision making.

Thales France main skills are the development or customization of methods and algorithms for information fusion, decision making process and information visualization through Rich Internet Application and innovative HMI.

Role In Project

THALES will participate and lead the WP7 “Deployment & integrating citizen science apps”. Specific activities :

  • Workpackage leading.

  • Semantic information extraction from social media sources and citizen apps.

  • Semantic information fusion.

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