Institutul Național de Cercetare-Dezvoltare Marină Grigore Antipa

Institutul Național de Cercetare-Dezvoltare Marină Grigore Antipa


NIMRD is operating under the coordination of the Ministry of Education and Research and carries out basic, applied and technological research for the knowledge, protection and management of the coastal zone and marine environment, oceanography, marine and coastal engineering, management of the marine living resources in the Black Sea and World Ocean, developing the Geographic Information System and the remote sensing techniques for marine environment; implementation of the international conventions for the Black Sea, research and specific studies. It is the support for solving the national and international problems regarding the Romanian marine sector and the Black Sea Exclusive Economic Zone, according to Romania’s tasks assumed under international conventions. Also, NIMRD insures the national, regional and European marine strategies/plans implementation. NIMRD has:

➢ Scientific responsibility for the national program of the physical, chemical and biological national monitoring for marine waters and for coastal erosion surveillance;

➢ National scientific responsability for the implementation of Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD);

➢ National scientific responsability for the collection and management of fisheries data (Data Collection Framework (DCF); Being the technical operator of the marine monitoring network (physical, chemical and biological) and for coastal erosion survey, NIMRD hold a comprehensive volume of marine data and information, which are exchanged in the framework of several international projects. Romanian National Oceanographic and Environmental Data Centre (RoNODC) operates within the framework of NIMRD. The centre is officially recognized by the IOC/IODE and IOC/GOOS) and included in the list of world oceanographic data centres.

NIMRD has been involved in many of European and regional projects: NATO - TU Black Sea, ARENA, ECOOP, ASCABOS, SESAME, Sea-Search, Black Sea SCENE, SeaDataNet & SeaDataCloud, MyOcean, ODINBLACKSEA, PERSEUS, CoCoNet, IRIS-SES, MARSPLAN, MareFrame, MISIS. At present NIMRD is coordinating, amongst other, the JOP Black Sea CBC funded project ANEMONE (Assessing the vulnerability of the Black Sea marine ecosystem to human pressures, 2018-2020) and the national POCA (Operational Programme Administrative Capacity) – “Capacity building of the public authority in the field of marine environment in terms of monitoring, evaluation, planning, implementation and reporting requirements set out in the MSFD and for integrated coastal zone management” (2019 – 2021). NIMRD is partner in H2020 - Black Sea Connect: Coordination of Marine and Maritime Research and Innovation in the Black Sea (2019-2022) and ESA founded project EO4SIBS (Earth Observation Data for Science and Innovation in the Black Sea, (2019-2021).

NIMRD is involved in the European Marine Observation and Data network as partner in EMODnet Ingestion, EMODnet Bathymetry, Biology and as Regional Leader for Black Sea in EMODnet Chemistry where is responsible for all chemical data aggregation, quality control and generating base-scale data products. In 2013, NIMRD started the development of the Constanta Space Technologies Competence Centre Dedicated to the Romanian Marine and Coastal Regions Sustainable Development (COSMOMAR), throughout a project founded by Romanian Space Agency.

Role In Project

NIMRD will contribute to:

• WP1 – Co-Designing the Digital Twin of the Ocean

• WP2 – Data Acquisition/Collection

• WP4 – Data Storage/Preparation

• WP7 – Iliad DTO Impact Assessment

•WP10 - Capacity Building and Training

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