Fundación Centro Tecnológico de Acuicultura de Andalucia

Fundación Centro Tecnológico de Acuicultura de Andalucia


The Andalusian Aquaculture Technology Centre, CTAQUA, is a non-profit private foundation, dedicated to applied research, technology, innovation, sustainability and training within the aquaculture sector, thus improving the competitiveness of Andalusian aquaculture companies. CTAQUA provides support to aquaculture companies and creates a platform for collaboration between the research community and the private sector. This general objective is achieved by:

(1) Providing services to the aquaculture community focused on the development of R&D projects.

(2) Applying new technologies in aquaculture companies.

(3) Transfer of knowledge from academia to the industry.

(4) Promoting the application of the new market standards in current aquaculture practices in aquaculture installations. Several facilities, feed companies and equipment suppliers are part of CTAQUA’s patronage. CTAQUA also operates an Experimental Centre to carry out lab and pilot trials in applied fish nutrition, disease prevention, development of cultivation methods of aquatic animals and plants (seaweeds in particular) and transformation of final products into new types of food and other applications. CTAQUA is a nationally recognised Andalusian knowledge transfer organisation, and a member of the Andalusian Association of Foundations. CTAQUA is very active in national and international research collaboration and has been involved as partner, WP leader or project coordinator in various projects financed under the FP7, H2020, Life and Interreg programmes. Currently, CTAQUA is involved in the H2020 project SIMBA and in two Interreg projects.

CTAQUA has a large network within the Spanish aquaculture sector and has large experience with the organization of workshops, webinars, technical meetings, etc., uniting the different actors from the sector and channeling their views and comments in projects and other activities. Our multidisciplinary team integrates knowledge on marine ecology, marine spatial planning, on shore and on sea finfish and shellfish aquaculture, legal aspects, etc. This qualifies CTAQUA as end user to represent the needs of (Spanish) aquaculture.

Role In Project

CTAQUA will operate as an end user in the Iliad project, representing the (Spanish) aquaculture sector. Therefore, CTAQUA will assist in determining DTO requirements from the aquaculture point of view and participate in the continuous improvement process throughout the project including the testing of the mock-ups (WP1). Furthermore, CTAQUA will be active in WP8, contributing to the mapping of the key relevant policies and institutions in the EU, in particular with respect to aquaculture and fisheries, and in the writing of the Guidebook/Toolkit for Policy Objectives and Assessments of Iliad DTOs Policy Impact. Finally, CTAQUA will contribute to the whole consortium tasks in WPs 9-12, focusing on the (Spanish) aquaculture sector.

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