Bye Bente

Bye Bente


BLB is a research and consultancy company facilitating the translation of Earth observations to science, application and services across multiple sectors incl climate change, cold regions, ocean, agriculture, disaster risk reduction to mention a few. BLB has been contributing to the Group on Earth observation for more than a decade across the many activities in the GEO work programme as well as its governing bodies. The GEO activities forms the background for:

i) Research projects: BLB was a partner in the Horizon2020 project NextGEOSS - Next Generation GEOSS for Business & Innovation (2016-2020). BLB continues to deliver services to maintain NextGEOSS data hub and platform. BLB was a partner in the FP7 project Egida – Coordinating Earth and environmental cross-disciplinary projects to promote Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS) of the Group on Earth Observation (GEO). BLB has been representing Plan4all in the H2020 project EO4agri (2018-2020) being responsible for community building across multiple stakeholders organizing among other 11 hackathons. Currently BLB’s owner and CEO Bente Lilja Bye is a member of the H2020 project e-shape advisory board.

ii) Consultancy: BLB gives advise on Earth observations, funding strategies, and data policy and data management including interoperability to clients such as WMO, UNECE, The EC, The Research Council of Norway, Norwegian Ministry of Climate and Environment, Norwegian Space Centre.

iii) Other community activities: BLB is a member of the European Citizen Science Association (ECSA), Open Geospatial Concortium (OGC), the American Geophysical Union (AGU), the European Geosciences Union (EGU) and Plan4all, a non-profit association sustaining and further enhancing results of multiple research and innovation projects. Plan4all conducts research and experimental development and transfers results of such activities into practice.

iv) Outreach: An important activity for BLB is scientific outreach and the company has developed several outreach and infotainment products (Climate & Classical, webinars and more). BLB successfully competed and won international outreach projects such as the production of the award winning GEO video A modern Explorer's Journey. In general BLB is using modern technology, platforms, and methods like hackathons, to both engage, educate and inform the public about the latest in science and Earth observations.

Role In Project

BLB will be responsible for WP10 Stakeholder engagement and capacity development, using both the experience gained in various projects, the vast global network across multiple stakeholder groups, and the current key positions in relevant GEO working groups such as the Capacity development working group and the Next Generation Earth Observation Services NextEOS. The extensive experience in organizing webinars and hackathons will benefit Iliad. BLBs involvement in citizen science, especially related to interoperability of data will be used in WP3. The competence of interoperability will also be applied in WP1 facilitating the exchange of state-of-the-art data sharing and data management principles with the GEO data working group where BLB is a member. BLBs expertise in policy making from more than a decades experience with national and international science policy and funding will be used to support WP8 - Policy Impact Facility. WP9 - Technology Transfer and Business Development focusing on the actions to assure the sustainability of the DTO and BTBIF through the various services after the end of the project funding. WP11 - Outreach, Communication and Dissemination, following an end-user focused approach to maximise the impact of Iliad via outreach, communication and dissemination activities to a range of targeted audiences.

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