Association Europeennee EURISY

Association Europeennee EURISY


Eurisy is a non-profit association founded in 1989 by Hubert Curien, then France’s Minister of Education. Eurisy’s unique membership structure include most space agencies or governmental offices in charge of space affairs in Europe, and international organisations dealing with space matters. Eurisy’s unique membership structure of institutional organisations acting collectively as a non-governmental, non-profit organisation, guarantees Eurisy’s independence and neutrality – therefore the valuable legitimacy needed when facilitating cooperation across professional sectors.

The mission of Eurisy is to bridge space and society. To fulfil its scope, Eurisy stimulate and support dialogue and collaboration between public institutions at any level, SMEs, industry and academia from the space and non-space sectors. The goal is to build solid relations with communities, new to space, encouraging early adopters to share experiences creating a common ground for professionals from different backgrounds. Aiming at maximising the impact of space-derived innovation and the resulting benefits for society, as well as economy and environment, Eurisy developed a User Programme implemented in several ways:

• By raising public awareness on the benefits of satellite applications, in particular deriving from technology innovation in satellite navigation, communication and Earth Observation.

• By surveying users’ needs in their working context and provide our Members, partners and decision makers at local, national and European level with bottom-up feedback.

• By supporting the take-up of satellite applications and by facilitating dialogue between professional end-user communities and the space community.

Eurisy has an extensive experience in engaging with user communities to promote the benefits of satellite-based applications. In over 30 years, Eurisy has built a vast network among space and non-space professional communities. Eurisy design and manage events as platforms to teach, learn and innovate across sectors. Eurisy adds value to innovation projects by involving users, championing their needs and facilitating the dialogue between them and the space stakeholders. Eurisy has been working also to provide its Members and decision makers with specific policy recommendations deriving from research work based on quantitative and qualitative analysis and processing of large surveys’ data as well as individual interviews.

Role In Project

Proposal to be confirmed:

• Identification of relevant good-practices

• User needs analysis

• Liaising with local, national, European institutions involved

• Communication and dissemination

• Support for potential training courses

•Policy recommendations development

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