AGIR Association de Gestion Intégrée de Ressources

AGIR Association de Gestion Intégrée de Ressources


Founded in 2008, AGIR (Association for the Integrated Management of Resources) counts today 750 members and is directed by a 5 member Bureau. Its activities are spread all over Morocco and encompass the protection of the Environment, Support and Development of Sustainable Fisheries, Preservation of the Marine environment and marine wildlife, Preservation of all marine mammals and the development and implementation of public participatory strategies. Its mission is to contribute to the conservation of Mediterranean ecosystems and adjacent seas and their endangered species through the involvement and permanent mobilization of stakeholders in order to attain an integrated natural resource management system capable to enhance ecosystem services. In AGIR’s vision effectively and permanently engaged local communities are the cornerstone of any credible effort to promote conservation of marine ecosystems, nurture innovation and achieve sustainable development. Its main strategic priorities are promoting:

a) the conservation of biodiversity and ecosystem functions,

b) integrated management and sustainable use of natural resources,

c) the building of a strong and effective conservation community.

Role In Project

AGIR will lead Iliad training and awareness raising activities in the Maghreb and Western Africa. AGIR will contribute to the implementation of the Ballast protocol involving Tanger Med Port in Morocco, for detecting the invasive species in ports, analysing the influence of port morphology and traffics in the spreading of invasive species that potentially could warm Jbel Moussa Marine protected Area. AGIR actually as leader of the the National Marine Observatory in the National Parc Of Al Hoceima, as a university reception centre, will promote Marine Sciences by reinforcing logistically the Moroccan Universities, and involving relevant stakeholders, Institutional and private enterprises for a local blue economy.

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