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Underwater Cultural Heritage of Israel

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Underwater Cultural Heritage of Israel

Embark on a unique journey through time and the seas with our exclusive digital product, "Underwater Cultural Heritage of Israel." This innovative resource offers an immersive exploration of Israel's rich underwater cultural treasures, focusing on the vibrant coastal region of Israel.

Our offering is not just a database; it's a comprehensive GIS-based set of maps that brings to life the archaeological wonders lying beneath the sea and along the shores. Users gain unparalleled access to detailed site information, integrating the precise locations and elementary details of these historical marvels. But we go beyond just coordinates and descriptions:

Key Features:

  • GIS Mapping: by applying interactive GIS mapping we allow you to dive into the intricate maps of the Israeli coast, showcasing designated underwater and coastal archaeological sites. These aren't your ordinary maps but a more detailed, plotted representation delivered on convenient sheets for ease of examination and appreciation.
  • Comprehensive Archaeological Catalog: Accompanying the maps is an informative Excel table, meticulously curated to include essential details of each archaeological site, providing a foundation for educational, research and planning purposes.
  • Access to Exclusive Publications: Your journey doesn't end at the sites. We extend your exploration into the depths of knowledge with scientific and popular publications on selected underwater findings, allowing you to delve into the stories and historical research that bring these submerged relics to life.
  • Easy Data Sharing and Accessibility: Whether you're a researcher, educator, or history enthusiast, we understand the value of easy access. That's why we're committed to sharing our data via user-friendly platforms like SharePoint or Google Drive. Access to some of these resources is granted upon request, ensuring security and exclusivity.
  • Continual Updates with Authentic Content: Stay connected with the latest discoveries and explorations as our collection of scientific articles, popular publications, documentaries, and media publications is continually updated and shared through ILIAD and other reputable online portals.
  • Citizen Science: Get trained, get informed and contribute to the state of knowledge by sending your own observations to the project team.

Underwater Cultural Heritage of Israel invites you to become part of a community that doesn’t just observe history but lives it. With us, you experience a connection to the past, understanding the narratives that have shaped not only Israel's coastal legacy but also the historical tapestry of human civilization.


Additional Details

Type: Web Applications, Data Sets

Theme: Maps, Citizen Science, Research, Environment

Dataset sources: Underwater Rescue Survey, University of Haifa, Israel Antiquities Authority, Underwater Exploration Society of Israel, Citizen Science

Language(s): English

Contact Information:

Ehud Galili


University of Haifa


Dor Ottoman Shipwreck


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