Communications Toolbox

Communications Toolbox

How To Use Communication Toolbox Resources

The communication toolbox contains project resources such as infographics, promotional material as well as technical brand assets such as logos and templates.

Project Brand Guide

The brand guide will give you advice on the correct use of our project logo, colour scheme, imagery and general font use.

It is important that the use of these resources adheres to the project's brand guidelines, details for which can be found in the brand guide download - please refer to these guidelines when creating any new branded materials.

Project Logos

For correct the use of our project logo and alternative usage in different contexts, please refer to our brand guidelines. Horizontal logo display is preferred, but a vertical stacked alternative is also available. It is best practice to use SVGs or PNGs when placing our logo on webpages. JPEGs should only be used as a last resort.


SVG Logos

File Name (Click to Download)File SizeFile TypeFile Access
svgIliad Logo Colour V1.0.svg31KBSVGPublic
svgIliad Logo Colour Vertical V1.0.svg30KBSVGPublic
svgIliad Logo Colour Vertical with White Text V1.0.svg30KBSVGPublic
svgIliad Logo Colour with White Text V1.0.svg31KBSVGPublic
svgIliad Logo Black V1.0.svg21KBSVGPublic
svgIliad Logo White V1.0.svg22KBSVGPublic
svgIliad Logo Greyscale V1.0.svg22KBSVGPublic

PNG Logos

File Name (Click to Download)File SizeFile TypeFile Access
pngIliad Logo Colour V1.0.png59KBPNGPublic
pngIliad Logo Colour Vertical V1.0.png97KBPNGPublic
pngIliad Logo Colour Vertical with White Text V1.0.png97KBPNGPublic
pngIliad Logo Colour with White Text V1.0.png57KBPNGPublic
pngIliad Logo Black V1.0.png24KBPNGPublic
pngIliad Logo White V1.0.png30KBPNGPublic
pngIliad Logo Greyscale V1.0.png30KBPNGPublic

PDF Logos

File Name (Click to Download)File SizeFile TypeFile Access
pdfIliad Logo Colour V1.0.pdf251KBPDFPublic
pdfIliad Logo Colour Vertical V1.0.pdf263KBPDFPublic
pdfIliad Logo Colour Vertical with White Text V1.0.pdf254KBPDFPublic
pdfIliad Logo Colour with White Text V1.0.pdf246KBPDFPublic
pdfIliad Logo Black V1.0.pdf237KBPDFPublic
pdfIliad Logo White V1.0.pdf231KBPDFPublic
pdfIliad Logo Greyscale V1.0.pdf236KBPDFPublic

Icons and Graphics

The following icons and illustrations are available to partners for use in presentations.

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