Deimos Space, Sociedad Limitada Unipersonal

Deimos Space, Sociedad Limitada Unipersonal


DEIMOS participates in the majority of ESA programmes, providing systems engineering, ground segment, mission analysis and design and onboard software solutions, as well as satellite integration, in the fields of Science and Exploration, Satellite Navigation, Earth Observation, Space Situational Awareness, and Launchers.

DEIMOS is present in all the phases of a space mission design and development for the majority of ESA missions, in the fields of Science and Exploration, Satellite Navigation, Earth Observation, Space Situational Awareness, and Launchers. Furthermore, DEIMOS has developed the capability of carrying out complete space missions, as it has been demonstrated with the great commercial and technical success of the Earth observation missions Deimos-1 and Deimos-2.

DEIMOS carries out activities such as Mission Analysis, System Engineering, GNC, AOCS, Ground Segment Systems and On-board Software Systems, conducting engineering design, algorithms definition, prototyping, operational software development, system integration, validation, deployment, and support to commissioning and operations.

The Ground Segment Data Systems Division from DEIMOS will conduct the work in this activity.

The activities associated with the Ground Segment have been a strategic line of business since the foundation of the company. DEIMOS has been involved in most Earth Observation Missions at ESA, starting with ENVISAT, following with all Earth Explorers and GMES/Copernicus Sentinels.

DEIMOS has implemented its own complete ground segment for the Deimos-2 mission, based on the gs4EO suite of ground segment products. The suite is the result of more than a decade of work for ESA, supporting several Earth Observation missions.

DEIMOS has also been developing support systems for the development and deployment of EO based applications and services, in particular in previous FP7/H2020 activities coordinated by DEIMOS, such as SenSyF, Co-ReSyF, NextGEOSS, MELOA, BETTER, NextGEOSS,NextLand and NextOcean.

Role In Project

DEIMOS will be leading the cataloguing of resources (data and applications) activities, for the user management system (authentication, authorisation and accounting) and for the marketplace.

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