Acondicionamiento Tarrasense Associacion

Acondicionamiento Tarrasense Associacion


LEITAT is a private technological centre located in Terrassa, Spain with more than 110 years of experience in R&D, technology transfer and industrial innovation services. The centre’s expertise has diversified rapidly over the last decades bringing value to a wide range of industries and sectors through dedicated R&D and tech transfer services. Our mission is to bring intellectual, economic and social value to our company, clients, collaborating entities and society by transforming technological and scientific challenges into new breakthroughs and innovations. Over 1500 customers have already benefited from our talent, creativity and strong commitment.

LEITAT brings knowledge and innovation to its customers through applied research in the fields of chemistry, energy, environment, materials, engineering and life sciences. With over 300 highly skilled team members, LEITAT delivers flexible solutions to face any technological and industrial challenge.

Having been involved in more than 175 projects in H2020, CIP, LIFE+, FP7, JTI as coordinator and partner, LEITAT is a renowned player in European projects. More than 83 projects are currently under execution under the H2020 programme. The four principal business units of Applied Chemistry & Materials, Energy + Engineering, Circular Economy and Health & Biomedicine cover a broad field of sectors, technologies and applications and are supported by state-of-the-art laboratories and facilities.

Smart electronics & communications: The smart electronics & communications division is specialized in sensors & biosensors, printed electronics, IoT, communications & networks and energy harvesting. Their solutions cover a broad scope of sectors and applications from space to terrestrial solutions in transport, wearables, medical sectors and more.

Energy conversion & photonics: The energy conversion & photonics division is specialized in existing and emerging photovoltaics (PV) technologies, concentrated solar power (CSP), bio-electrochemical systems and applied photonics. The division contributes strongly to the development of new materials and technologies for next generation renewable energy solutions, as well as pre-homologation testing and adaptation of certification.

Technology integration & product development: The technology integration & product development division is specialized in industrial design, multiphysical modelling and simulation, product engineering and systems integration. This division offers versatile expertise and services and is a key support to many of the other business units and divisions of LEITAT.

Role In Project

Task Leader of T2.2: Building, Upgrading and Deploying Novel Sensing Capabilities. The LEITAT microplastic sensor will be upgraded and evaluated against real data.

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