The Next Scientific Revolution meeting

The Next Scientific Revolution meeting

Start: Tuesday 28th June 2022

End: Tuesday 28th June 2022

Location: New York, USA

Inna Braverman, CEO of Iliad partner company Eco Wave Power, will be presenting at ‘The Next Scientific Revolution’ meeting. The Atlantic event will be held on 28 June 2022 in New York, with virtual access for those who cannot attend in person.

The event will focus on discussing advancements in a number of wide-ranging new technologies, including energy for the future, health equality, machine learning, and recycling. Scientists, doctors, historians of science, computer scientists, futurists, and ethicists will come together with the aim of strengthening scientific innovation.

Iliad partner, Inna Braverman will join BlocPower CEO Donnel Baird; and Rebecca Isacowitz, Deputy Chief of Staff, Department of Energy's Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy; for a panel discussion entitled ‘The Power Plan: Energy for a Greener Tomorrow’ during the event.

Eco Wave Power will contribute to the development of pilot applications related to wave energy to form part of the Iliad Digitial Twin of the Ocean.


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