The Copernicus Biodiversity in Coastal Ecosystems Workshop

The Copernicus Biodiversity in Coastal Ecosystems Workshop

Start: Tuesday 11th October 2022

End: Wednesday 12th October 2022

Location: Belgium

The Copernicus Biodiversity in Coastal Ecosystems Workshop will be held in person and online in Belgium between 11th - 12th October 2022. This event will focus on the protection of biodiversity systems and coastal ecosystems in relation to Copernicus's developed services. These services will be presented within the context of the EU policy framework and the Biodiversity strategy for 2030. Coordinators of this event include the European Commission, EUSPA, and Copernicus.

Copernicus's services address issues related to biodiversity and ecosystems, such as the effects of climate change and other contributing factors to the loss of global biodiversity. During the workshop, these will be presented to show their products' capability and potential capability in the context of knowledge gaps, EBVs, and recent 2030 policy requirements, which will be addressed as critical topics during the workshop.

This event aims to allow collaboration and discussion on integrating new products into coastal roadmaps and improving existing coastal roadmaps. Areas for discussion include prioritising user needs, examining opportunities related to the Sentinels and new EO, the exploitation of advanced areas of science combined with digital technologies and their future, and what industry and business could offer.

The workshop will take place over two days and focus on four key themes, these include:

Day 1

  • Biodiversity and coastal resources – setting the scene
  • Biodiversity and economic development

Day 2

  • Biodiversity conservation in the context of climate change
  • A future Green Copernicus at coast

biodoversity in coastal events workshop

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