Sustainable Ocean Summit – SOS 2022

Sustainable Ocean Summit – SOS 2022

Start: Monday 17th October 2022

End: Tuesday 18th October 2022

Location: World Trade Center Barcelona / World Ocean Council Headquarters

Organised by World Ocean Council, the in-person event ‘Sustainable Ocean Summit – SOS 2022’ will take place between 17th - 18th October 2022 (9 am - 5:30 pm) at the World Ocean Council headquarters in Barcelona.

This event is focused on collaboration within the private sector for sustainable ocean economies. The summit will include C-suite representatives from shipping, ports, fisheries, aquaculture, tourism, offshore energy, marine technology, finance etc. There will be networking opportunities for participants throughout the day.

Key sessions include:

17th October 2022

  • Plenary: Ocean Executive Forum: The Signature SOS Multi-Sector Panel of CEOs
  • Parallel Session: Coastal and Island Tourism Industry Leadership for Ocean Sustainability
  • Parallel Session: Marine Biofouling Management: Challenges, Opportunities and Synergies Across Different Ocean Industries
  • Parallel Session: Sustainable Ports and Shipping for the Blue Economy
  • Parallel Session: The Business of Ocean/Blue Carbon Removal: Building the Supply, Demand and Monitoring for Marine Carbon Sequestration
  • Parallel Session: Blue Foods: Scaling up Sustainable Aquaculture and Seaweed
  • Plenary: Floating Sustainable Blue Economy Cities

18th October 2022

  • Plenary: Ocean 30×30: Business and Investment Leadership in Protecting 30% of the Ocean and its Biodiversity by 2030
  • Parallel Session: Cruise and Ferry Industry: Progress in Economic Recovery and Environmental Responsibility
  • Parallel Session: Offshore Renewable Energy in Crowded Seas: Conflict Resolution, Marine Spatial Planning and Other Solutions
  • Parallel Session: Net Zero Sustainable Recreational Boating
  • Parallel Session: SMART Ocean-SMART Industries: Ocean and Climate Data Collection from Vessels, Platforms and Cables during the U.N. Decade of Ocean Science and Beyond
  • Parallel Session: Port/Coastal Infrastructure Resiliency: Private Sector Collaboration to Advance Adaptation to Sea Level Rise and Extreme Weather Events
  • The European Space Agency: How can Space Support Sustainable Developments in the Blue Economy?
  • Plenary Session: Ocean Regeneration: The Business of Building Back Marine and Coastal Ecosystems

This event is linked to the 'Global Blue Finance Summit – BlueFIN 2022'.

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