Online Workshop - Iliad Digital Twins Of The Ocean as a Tool for Policymakers - The Case Of Fisheries

Online Workshop - Iliad Digital Twins Of The Ocean as a Tool for Policymakers - The Case Of Fisheries

Start: Tuesday 21st November 2023

End: Tuesday 21st November 2023

Organised by Iliad, this workshop plans to provide a platform for discussion and knowledge sharing among policymakers, scientists, and researchers, emphasising the potential of digital twins for evidence-based policymaking. Iliad Digital Twins of the Ocean bring together data and information from state-of-the-art observing systems, citizen science, advanced forecast models, AI algorithms and IT systems that allow two-way interaction between the Digital Twin and the physical system and give the ability to explore the impacts of management decisions and policy implementation on marine ecosystems, the climate, and blue economy sectors. Iliad thematic Digital Twins continuously integrate data and information for key indicators important for policy making. Iliad aims to develop tools to inform policymakers of the key parameters that need to be considered for specific policy decisions or identify the need to develop new policies relevant to a specific issue. A co-design process with relevant stakeholders will be followed through a series of workshops, meetings, webinars and hackathons.

The Online Workshop will take place on 21st November 2023 at 12:00 CETRegistration is required.


Introduction to the Iliad Project and the Iliad Policy Impact Facility

  • Iliad Policy objectives & policy implications of Iliad’s Thematic Digital Twins (Garabet Kazanjian. American University of Armenia (AUA)
  • General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean (GFCM): Fisheries and aquaculture policies for the Mediterranean and Black Sea - challenges & gaps that Digital Twins as a policy tool can address
  • UNEP/MAP-SPA/RAC: Post 2020 SAPBIO and regional Action plans to Strengthen Conservation of Vulnerable Species and Ecosystems in the Mediterranean in line with conservation and sustainable fisheries goals

Examples from Iliad Digital Twins of the Ocean

  • The North Sea Fisheries Digital Twin (Clyde Blanco, ILVO)
  • The Black Sea Fisheries Digital Twin (Ioan Daniel Serban, Terrasigna)
  • Multi-layered Digital Twins: the use cases of Morocco and Norway (Bente Lilja Bye, BLB )

Discussion – Round table

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