Start: Thursday 20th October 2022

End: Thursday 20th October 2022

Location: Valkiria Hub Space, Barcelona

Organised by IMPACT2DAY, the in-person event ‘OCEANOVATION MEETUP x Barcelona’ will take place on 20th October 2022, between 9 am - 7:30 pm at the Valkiria Hub Space in Barcelona.

This event is focused on networking experiences for the purpose of introducing ocean sustainability start-ups. The meet-up will connect attendees to peers, experts, and investors for insightful discussions. This meeting will follow the linked events 'Sustainable Ocean Summit – SOS 2022' and 'Global Blue Finance Summit – BlueFIN 2022'.

Key sessions include:

  • Introducing Barcelona, the new Blue Economy Innovation Hub
  • How to communicate your story in a sea of noise
  • Why we invest in ocean impact innovation although it's not easy
  • Don't fall into the greenwashing nets - how to build a (strong) brand that creates an impact
  • Collab x tools & WOC - Biofouling innovation challenge
  • How to leverage accelerators and incubators to boost your blue venture journey
  • Speak up x the raw and honest story about successfully scaling your business
  • The good, the bad, the ugly - what we can tell you about partnering with a corporation
  • Key ingredients for successful innovation clusters
  • The floor is yours: what are you taking home? (Q&A)

oceanovation event poster

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