Ocean Practices: OBPS Workshop VI – A Virtual Global Meeting

Ocean Practices: OBPS Workshop VI – A Virtual Global Meeting

Start: Wednesday 5th October 2022

End: Sunday 16th October 2022

Location: Online

The 6th OBPS Workshop titled ‘Ocean Practices: OBPS Workshop VI, Oct 2022 – A Virtual Global Meeting’ will take place virtually between 5th - 19th October 2022. Organised by Ocean best practices, this workshop is open to all scientists and encourages contributions from its participants.

The intention of the workshop is to address the development of best practices and current operating practices, promote documentation, and fully communicate and disseminate them among the scientific community using the Ocean Best Practices System.

Theme sessions are open to all subjects related to ocean best practices. These can be over an hour long on the condition that the proposed leader plans them. These sessions will take place in between plenaries (6th - 16th October) and can be presented at a time convenient to the speaker.

Theme sessions already included are; Air-Sea Interaction, Environmental Plastics – Citizen Science observations, Arctic Best Practices, Fisheries and Aquaculture, Best Practices in the Ocean Decade, Marine Biodiversity, BGC Profile Data, Operational Forecasting, Capacity Development, Organisational Co-operation, Coastal Observation for Under-resourced Countries, Policy and Best Practices, Data Interoperability, Seagrass Monitoring, Decision Trees, Time Series Observations and Downstream Data Management, Deep Sea Observing, Transparency and Traceability in ocean observing, and eDNA.

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