NextOcean Co-Design Workshop

NextOcean Co-Design Workshop

Start: Friday 27th January 2023

End: Friday 27th January 2023

Location: Athens, Greece and online

Led by Iliad partner Deimos Space, Sociedad Limitada Unipersonal (DEIMOS), the second NextOcean Co-Design Workshop entitled ‘help shape the next generation of fisheries and aquaculture earth observation services’ will take place in Athens, Greece and online on 27th January 2023.

The workshop will focus on presenting the EU-funded project, NextOcean. NextOcean will develop a co-created platform using earth observation technology to provide and enhance sustainable fisheries services. This meeting is part of a series of workshops which aims to engage expert end-users and industry authorities on NextOcean’s services and will present the platform at its current beta-development phase.

The event will include detailed interactive sessions and networking opportunities among experts, where attendees will discuss initial prototypes, areas for improvement, and suggestions for further development. During these discussions, expert facilitators will be present for the purposes of documenting these exchanges and collaborating with the NextOcean team to incorporate user needs and value into their services.


NextOcean is an EU-funded project producing a co-created platform, using Earth Observation technology to provide services for sustainable fisheries and aquaculture. Our platform can help to monitor fishing and aquaculture, optimise new aquaculture sites, as well as minimise bycatch and provide accurate ecolabelling, enabling sustainable trade.

The application deadline is Friday 27th January 2023 (09:00-14:40 CET/GMT+1)

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