Mission ‘Restore our Ocean and waters by 2030’- The Mediterranean lighthouse in action

Mission ‘Restore our Ocean and waters by 2030’- The Mediterranean lighthouse in action

Start: Tuesday 30th May 2023

End: Wednesday 31st May 2023

Location: Venue Palazzo dei Normanni, Palermo PA, Italy

The European Commission, in close cooperation with the Italian government, the Sicily Region, the University of Palermo and with the support of the BlueMissionMed Co-ordination and Support Action, will organise the high-level event Mission“Restore our Ocean and Waters by 2030”: The Mediterranean lighthouse in action in Palermo (30-31 May).

The event will be an opportunity to witness the political commitments of the Mediterranean countries towards the EU Mission Restore our Ocean and Waters and to present the actions and initiatives which contribute to the Mission objectives that may be scaled up and replicated in other sea basins.

The event will welcome stakeholders from the Mediterranean basin, international and sea basin intergovernmental organisations as well as representatives from regions, cities, ports, islands, shipping, industries, academia, education, researchers, investors, NGOs, citizens and youth.

The programme will include demonstrations of EU projects contributing to the Mission’s objectives, as well as a Blue Islands Day ceremony, with exchanges of best practices, awards to islands championing the Mission and with strong participation from youth and blue schools.

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