IN THE BLACK’22 - A New Era of Ocean Exploration Workshop

IN THE BLACK’22 - A New Era of Ocean Exploration Workshop

Start: Thursday 17th November 2022

End: Thursday 17th November 2022

Location: INESC Brussels HUB, Rue du Luxembourg 3, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

Organised by INESC TEC, TEC4SEA, and INESC Brussels Hub, the 5th edition of IN THE BLACK workshop will take place on 17th November 2022 at the INESC Brussels HUB, Belgium with a virtual option for those who cannot attend in person.

The theme of this hybrid event will be ‘A New Era of Ocean Exploration’. It will focus on learning from the past, living in the present, and preparing for the future. Specifically, strategic foresight for the purposes of identifying exploitable opportunities.

Experts from around the world (renowned scientists from industry, technology, policymakers, and stakeholders) will gather to exchange knowledge on state-of-art research across a wide range of fields related to opportunities for ocean exploration and underwater technologies.

Key Speakers

Iliad Project Representative

This event has been collaboratively organised by Iliad partner INESC TEC. José Miguel Almeida and Eduardo Silva will represent INESC TEC as invited speakers.

IN THE BLACK 5th workshop event poster

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