IMDIS 2024: International Conference on Marine Data and Information Systems

IMDIS 2024: International Conference on Marine Data and Information Systems

Start: Sunday 26th May 2024

End: Friday 29th December 2023

Location: Bergen, Norway

IMDIS, the International Conference on Marine Data and Information Systems, is set to convene in Bergen, Norway, from Monday, May 27th, to Wednesday, May 29th, 2024.

The IMDIS cycle of conferences serves a critical objective of providing a comprehensive overview of existing information systems tailored to meet diverse user needs within the field of ocean science. It showcases progress in developing efficient infrastructures geared towards managing extensive and diverse datasets, establishing standards, fostering interoperable information systems, and introducing educational services and tools.

This conference will feature presentations highlighting various systems enabling online access to data, metadata, and products, alongside discussions on communication standards and adaptive technologies aimed at ensuring platform interoperability. Sessions will primarily focus on exploring infrastructures, technologies, and services catering to a broad spectrum of users, including environmental authorities, researchers, educational institutions, and more.

Please note that the call for abstracts is now closed.

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