GD-SO Webinar: Enhancing Environmental and Climate Data for the Green Deal Data Space

GD-SO Webinar: Enhancing Environmental and Climate Data for the Green Deal Data Space

Start: Wednesday 20th March 2024

End: Wednesday 20th March 2024

The 'GreenData4All' initiative, a key component of the European strategy for data, aims to enhance the accessibility and usability of environmental geospatial data to bolster evidence-based policy-making and implementation. Its objective aligns with the goals of the Green Deal, supported by the development of a Green Deal data space linked to various European legal instruments. The ongoing definition of this data space involves collaboration among several European Commission entities, including the Joint Research Centre (JRC), DG CONNECT, and DG ENV. This initiative seeks to consolidate diverse data sources, encompassing business data, geospatial data, citizen-generated data, and research data.

Numerous EU-funded projects, including those from the Green Deal Call, engage with data in various capacities. However, this engagement presents challenges, such as managing vast data volumes, structuring qualitative data, ensuring end-user utilization, and compliance with legislation like the INSPIRE Directive.

Focus: This Green Deal Project Support Office Webinar will take place 11:00-12:30 CET and aims to convene projects working with environmental and climate data to address challenges encountered in this realm, contributing to the evolving EU data policy landscape. Additionally, it seeks to foster collaboration with other EU-funded initiatives directly contributing to the creation of the Green Deal Data Space. Guiding questions for the webinar include:

  1. What are the best practices for generating data that aligns with policy and other requirements? How can we ensure that collected data meets these needs?
  2. How can we enhance the availability and accessibility of high-quality data, both quantitative and qualitative?
  3. What are exemplary instances of cross-project collaboration on data?
  4. How can we promote the use and reuse of data by both private and public entities and individuals (end users)? How can end users participate in the data creation process?

This webinar serves as a platform to share experiences, address challenges, and explore opportunities for leveraging environmental and climate data to enrich the Green Deal Data Space and advance evidence-based decision-making.

Iliad Participation

Iliad partner, Joan Maso (CREAF) will give a presentation entitled "How can the experience of project feed into the Green Deal Data Space?".

Iliad partner, Arne-Jørgen Berre (SINTEF Digital) will give a presentation entitled "Iliad - Integrated DigitaL Framework for Comprehensive Maritime Data and Information Services".

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