Black Sea CONNECT Marine Litter Action Forum

Black Sea CONNECT Marine Litter Action Forum

Start: Monday 14th November 2022

End: Tuesday 15th November 2022

Location: Istanbul / hybrid

Organised by Black Sea CONNECT CSA, the event entitled ‘Marine Litter Joint Action Forum’ will take place between 14th - 15th November 2022 in Istanbul with a virtual option for those who cannot attend in person.

The event will focus on presenting current and new initiatives and projects with the aim of organising efforts towards discovering innovative actions to address the issue of marine litter pollution in the Black Sea.

The aim of the forum is to create a valuable and supportive space for companies, NGOs, and research-performing organisations. This is for the purpose of exchanging knowledge and experiences related to regional marine litter, and establishing a platform involving economic solutions by engaging participating experts and policymakers.

Main sessions:

  • Policy Session; Links to Mission Ocean, Sustainable Blue Economy Partnership, Common Maritime Agenda, and broader policy framework
  • 1st Session: Marine Litter Pollution in the Black Sea
  • 2nd Session: Plastic Circularity
  • 3rd Session: Good Practices
  • Round-table discussion

Marine Litter Joint Action Forum event poster

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